With  the  possibility   for  significant  reduction   in  travel  expenses  and  the capability  to  conduct  prolific  meetings  leading  to  effective  and  efficient decision-making,  video   conferencing  has  always   held   out   marvelous promises within the enterprising  environment. Moreover with Expanded collaboration,  where   video   would   be  integrated   with   voice   and   data applications,  is widely anticipated as commercially feasible. And  in many large  enterprises  video   has  been  implemented   as  group   conferencing solutions.  It functions as a niche application running,  parallel to the core of an enterprise’s communications needs, large meetings and presentations.


■     Travel  Cost Avoidance

■      Easy collaboration  across  multiple  locations  and agencies

■     Avoid  vehicle  and fuel  expense

■      Experience  Continuity  of Operations  during  emergencies

■     Workers can meet Teammates,  Partners  and Citizens

Video Conferencing