To  capture  all  the call  detail  Records  (CDR)  of  each  call  logged  in  their network,  Government and  TRA  need  to  have  a  specified  system  that  will independently allow them to monitor over every call.

K.S lnfosystems  provides State-of-the-Art influential  telecom revenue auditing / monitoring   database   solution,  which  in-house crafted  efficient  interfaces with   multiple   protocols   with  a  scalable  multi-threaded   architecture   that supports multi-vendor and multi-technology  networks.


■     Lowers  the operating costs  of managing Multi-Technology  Network and  for Multi-Communication  Service  Providers,  by enabling efficient preoccupation of network  growth  and changes with  the existing workforce.

■      Protect revenue, increase  revenue visibility,  increase efficiency,  and

reduce system  downtime  as a result of Mediation  layer’s  distributed architecture  which  helps  in reducing  single  points  of failure.

■     Minimize or avoid  capital  spending  by leveraging  the distributed

solution’s  architecture  to enable  easy expansion  of network  by adding more optimally-utilized  servers  as and when  required.

We have  provided:

■     Capability to support various  diverse  networks and  billing technologies.

■      Ensure  security of data.

■      Real  time operational  tool.

Telecom Revenue Monitoring