Rural Telephony

Our  rural  telephony  solution is a unique  sustainable GSM  and  broadband network  infrastructure that enables GSM operators to extend their network  in semi-urban,  rural and remote locations, where rolling out traditional networks is an unviable proposition.

This state of the art solution  is ideal for deployment in areas with limited or no grid power and a large number of coverage  holes in the network. Designed to run  independently  on   100%  solar  power,  the  base  station  delivers  a profitable business case that redefines ROI on network infrastructure.

What can we  do?

■      Introduce cost optimized solution  offering  low total cost of ownership


■     Give  access to integrated  broadband Wi-Fi  data  capabilities option

■     Propagate a very  low  power  consumption  unit for all round connectivity  specifically for connectivity  in rural and  remote areas

■     Operational  in rural/semi  urban  areas across  the world