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Prepaid Metering Solution​

Prepaid  Meters  has adopted  the idea of constant product  innovation.  This is our first footstep in the area  of prepaid  metering where  we come up with  a device in tariff construction. This meter shares lot of distinctive  properties from what other meters have. To provide  effective solution to the electrical service provider, this device is completely  based on micro-controller idea.

It is a very common  issue that a power  distribution  company  faces  to collect electricity   bills  on  time.  To  overcome  this issue,  we  have  made  a  unique contactless  prepaid   energy  meters.  These meters  act  as a  direct  revenue interface between consumers and companies.

We have provided

  • User friendly  Contactless  Prepaid  Energy Meter  Solution
  • Remote  Display  Unit allowing customer to recharge  and  monitor consumption
  • Integration  of Gas and Water  with  the electrical  limitations thereby, made flexible  for the user to budget  expenses
  • Direct current  measurement up to 60A  for Single or three phase measurements
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