Over   the   last   few   decades,   National   Identification   Card   have   been introduced in many counties across the world. These cards help any country to improve  their  national  and  international  security.  To  make this card  100% secure, many of these cards integrates biometrics,  which are physical characteristics of a  person,  which  makes these cards  more challenging to forge.

We provide End to end solution for National ID cards :

■      Physical  Identity.

■     Address  Proof  (Track Change  of Address).

■      Data can be viewed  (Online/Offline).

■      History of the Individual/  Citizen  – Accountability of Benefits.

■      Driving  License,  accessing  “e-governance”  related  resources.

■      Demographic  details  of each individual.

■      10  finger fingerprint image  capture

■      High quality  dual  iris capture

■     Capturing  Signature

■    Access  control  in Borders,  foolproof,  tamperproof,  speedy and a deterrent solution.

National ID Cards