Municipal Revenue Collection

A proper Revenue Collection System drives the economy forward, to a more regulated form. It is useful in areas like Government and Revenue Department, Financial Institutions, Medical and Healthcare, retail and FMCG, Inventory Management, Transportation, Tourism and Telecommunication. The objective of providing employment for the youth, both to enable them support the national effort, as well as to plan for their own future security, has always remained a central aspect of Government’s development agenda. After undertaking the necessary training, MDT Terminals may be used widely.

”We have records of establishing such systems in Ghana-2007 and DR Congo-2013”

We have provided:

•   We Introduce HHT machine and Desktop Base software to collect revenue.
•   We have Database information system to run all taxes through information technology.
•   We Provide machine, software and computer training for officers and Tax collectors.
•   Boost economy and leads to infrastructural development.


•   Effective tracking of postings of collections
•   Revenue monitoring by target wise/actual collections
•   Adequate revenue DATABASE with reliable data
•   The proposed solution is not only helps collect revenue but can be used in collecting various types of funds, taxes, etc.