K. S. Infosystems

Integrated Customs Processes

Implementing a paperless and vigilant integrated system of KS Secure requires technology evolution to secure and improve government revenues, by automating and mobilizing official processes, in general, and trade procedures. The objective of the evolution should not just aim to have a computerized system to collect statistics, but a comprehensively integrated customs system with seamless performance and attentiveness, universal availability of information and stability of the system.

What we provided:

  • Execution  of security software’  at ROSO  Border  in collaboration with custom Department  of Senegal.
  • Simplify and  harmonize  Customs procedures
  • Connecting  all the stakeholders  through  a single  platform
  • Detection of frauds and  under-declaration
  • Ubiquitous  availability of information
  • Enabling  a paperless  process
  • Protection  and  increase of Customs revenue
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