ICT HUB (Computer Community Centre)

Learning computers is a must to become competitive in the present scenario. ICT HUB provides facilities which let computer education to reach each and every person in the community especially in government bodies and educational organizations.

“We have successfully set up ICT HUB in Ghana, 2010-12”.

We have provided:

•   We trained the youth to create employment.
•   Provided the infrastructure and the equipment
•   Provided holistic ICT service to the community such as-
I. ICT Training for government employees, tertiary students and school children
II. Assembly of mobile phones and PCs.
•   Facilitate exchange programs.
•   Dealers in IT and high technology equipment.


•   Create hundreds of direct jobs in the community and train over a 1000 youth in IT repair services, Hardware and software applications within the area.
•   Revitalize the communities in which these projects are cited by turning district into an IT hub, for Cutting-edge 21st century technology.
•   Bring the needed investment and the needed IT ecstasy to the area.
•   Development of a critical mass of youth equipped with relevant IT knowledge, attitude and skills to propel and sustain an effective economic transformation of the country economy
•   Improve economic and standard of living of the youth within this area.