m-POS & m-AIM


■     Register & Manage Merchants

■     Open & Closed Loop cards (MSR, EMV, Contactless)

■      Process Card Transaction, via bank switch

■      POS&ATMusecases



■      EMV, MasterCard, Visa, PCI certified






Money Transfer Service via mobiles

■     Money transfer via mobile enabled  Remittance Agents

■     Sender/ Receiver may not have m-Wallets / mobiles

■     Integrates with global  remittance operators for cross border transfers


Branchless Banking for the UnBanked

■     Open account at local Agent: wallet or A/C in bank CBS

■     Account ID: mobile number of A/C No.

■     Cash in, Cash out, Transfer money, m-Payments

■     Bill Pay, e-recharge

■     Receive foreign remittances, salary & aid disbursement

Access Bank Account & Transact via Mobiles


Check Balance

■     Make m-Payments

■     Stop Cheque

Get Statement

Transfer Funds

■     Request Cheque Book

■     Change  Password

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Value, Any Service  Recharge

Self Recharge

Bonus Recharge

Retailer Recharge Bulk m-Wallets Balance Transfer Emergency Credit

Bill Pay

VAS Retailing

Retailer Loyalty

Branch-less Banking for the Un-Banked