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E-Passport/Biometric Passport

Over the last 20 years, there is a dramatic change in international travel. This has given birth to growing demand of modern documents. Maximum level of security is demanded because of the growth in cross-border crime, is the situation of one hand. While on the other hand, the checking process needs to become more effective with greater importance on customer service.

E-Passport or Biometric passport is the best ground-breaking step. There is a drastic change in the field of authenticity when it comes to using E-passport rather than using conventional passports. To counter identify con, the use of biometric information to associate a person to a passport can be of great benefit.

We print and supply secured Passports, Visa Stickers, and other travel related documents, which includes:

  • Machine Readable Passports
  • Visa Stickers with issuance System
  • Application Forms
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