Birth and Death Application

Every  country   needs  to  keep  the  census  record   of  its  population.  K.S. lnfosystems with its unique software will enable them to keep vital information of statistics for births and deaths.

Birth information  contains  full name of the individual,  date of birth,  place of birth, gender, registration  number and registration  date.

Death information  contains full name of the deceased,  name of spouse,  date and place of death, time of death, gender and age, marital status, registration number  and  registration   date.  The agents  going   to  all  the  households  to maintain  the population  records,  their task is further simplified with our birth and death application are on mobile phones and tablets.


■      Help  in creating  official  record

■     Useful  to apply  for passports,  school  admission,  property  matters  and government  and employment  purposes.

■      Establishing  family relationship.

■      Planning  and evaluating  new types of health services

■      Health  research and epidemiology