Bio Metric & Smart Card Based Payroll Systems

Attendance  recording system allows any company  to manage,  monitor  and produce reports of employee’s attendance. It protects a company  from payroll fraud  and  provides  both  employer  and  employee  with  confidence  in  the accuracy   of  their  wage   payments.     Allowance  management,   Banking Systems,   National  Identity  System,  Govt.   Subsidiary  System,   Criminals Identity  System,  Licensing,  Medical  history  and  Electoral  System  can  be covered  under this system. The advancements will  prove to be profitable in every sense.

What we provided:

■     Maintenance of employees’  records with  basic/official  details.

■     Maintenance of medical  records  of people.

■       Generating the employees’  allowance

■      Unlimited  storage capacity

■     Web  Server  management

■     Customized  reports  as per the client’s  need