One of the most exciting tech trends in recent years is the rapid rise in the use of wearable technology, meaning digital gear that you wear on the body. Many people choose smart watches as their preferred wearable device. Along with regular timekeeping, they also put some impressive digital power right onto your wrist. Other popular wearables include sports/training watches, which offer extensive fitness-related functions, and fitness activity trackers, dedicated devices that monitor a range of health metrics.

Another trend in wearable tech comes in the form of VR smartphone and video headsets, which offer immersive viewing of movies and a thrilling virtual reality experience.

Types of Wearable Devices

Smart watches, by far the most popular wearable devices, come in models to suit all needs and budgets, from top-of-the-line Apple watches to simpler devices that offer basic fitness activity tracking and chronological functions.

Activity Trackers

Wearable fitness technology lets you measure and record key data, such as heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and other vital metrics. Moreover, power users can also find high-end models that connect with sensors that attach to the chest for more accurate readings. You can view data on the fitness activity tracker itself, transfer it to a smartphone equipped with an app, or upload it to a personal computer for analysis and recording. You can also compare your stats with those of other users who share data anonymously.

Smart watches

Many fitness smart watches can also act as an extension of your smartphone. Equipped with Bluetooth and large, high-resolution screens, they let you remotely control music playback and display text and other incoming messages. Increasingly, people are using smartwatches for everything from shopping to controlling refrigerators and other home appliances. Most smart watches offer a range of fitness functions, and are ideal for regular lifestyles. However, serious gym and sports buffs often prefer dedicated fitness activity trackers. These wearable devices have the appearance of slender wristwatches. In fact, many models display the time and offer versatile alarms and chronographic functions.


Various types of headsets let you enjoy a variety of video and VR content anywhere. These include VR smartphone headsets, which let you enjoy content from your phone, and video headsets, which function as portable movie theaters.

Benefits of Wearable Devices

Using wearable technology expands your digital horizons, letting you enjoy the benefits of computing power anywhere. With gadgets such as smart watches, fitness activity trackers, and video headsets, you can keep a handle on your fitness, control and connect with other portable devices, and enjoy immersive video and VR viewing.
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