Counterfeiting and  smuggling of products are challenges faced  all over the world.  The recommendations of apex organisations such as the World Health Organisation  and  the European  Union  are  that  countries  should  consider reviewing  their policies to combat this menace.

With  attempts  being  made  to bring  every  distribution   and  logistics-related activity  under the umbrella  of real-time database  to tackle  counterfeiting,  it has become  imperative  to digitize documents.  To  comply,  it is essential to establish a new generation  system to track the supply chain of the products.

System components include:

■     Excise  stamp with  enhanced  security features – holographic  security element with  secure  spectral  component

■      Hand-held  control  device – electronic  device  to validate  the hologram

spectral  component

■     Integrated  management  information system  – comprehensive  system for product  control  throughout  the supply chain

■      Stamps  and stickers with  tracing  facility

Track & Trace