The Market for Mobile Applications

The mobile application market is an enormous global bazaar. As per the projections made by several analyst firms, the app economy will be worth $6.5 trillion in another 4-5 years.

Smartphone has become a necessity of life; an order of the day. Invasion of smartphones has transformed the whole mobile phone industry. People now prefer doing everything online, right from their daily needs to their business needs/deals.  The future predictions about the smartphones industry strongly foresee a giant increase in the global app market, in view of more and more people in the world owning smartphones and increasingly using mobile apps.

The increasing number of smartphones and the users have opened a broader door of opportunities for mobile apps. These are computer programs which are made for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. More than 40 billion mobile apps are downloaded and used across the world every year, resulting in more than 100 million downloads each day!

There is a diverse range of mobile applications. These applications vary according to your uses. Today, one can find an app for almost everything which one can think of. Some of these are games, social networking, news, chatting, online booking for airline, hotels, trains, cabs and restaurants, teaching and learning, buying & selling, shopping, etc.

A market full of opportunities

The most alluring feature of this market is that if one is looking to invest in, you won’t require huge capital. There are endless tools available online which assist you with the application development process. Another significant feature of the mobile application development opportunity is that you will have a global market. Moreover, irrespective of the origin of development, your app could be launched and work successfully from anywhere in the world. The application should be ‘user-friendly’ with an attractive user interface and it should be useful for the users. While developing an app, it is very crucial to understand the needs of the consumers.  One of the prime examples of such apps is Airbnb. Founded and established in San Francisco, California, USA, Airbnb is now providing hospitality services to millions of people around the world.

Furthermore, there are low barriers on the path of establishing yourself in this market. The only thing that will sail you through is the usefulness of your application, and its design. If it addresses and fulfills the needs of consumers then it will be a long-term game. Although the global mobile apps market is still very young, it has started to pick up the top gear.

Though the global mobile phone app market is flourishingly expanding, Africa is still missing out on this. The mobile apps’ developer could utilize the advantage of being early movers in the market. The only way to succeed in Africa is to develop the apps which are based on the foundation of needs of the local society.

Building an appealing app

Building a mobile application isn’t a tough task to accomplish, but doing the feasibility study is a tough nut to crack. The purpose for developing the application should be well-defined. Close analysis of the ecosystem is required in order to acquire the knowledge about the challenges prevailing in the society. There could be various reasons for developing an application, but the applications which serve and fulfill the needs of the society will surely prove to be fruitful ventures.

You could initiate the application development by either building it by yourself if you are trained enough on this, or by hiring the professionals who could build the app for you. If you’re going to hire professional, make sure to know about the skills and previous work of the professional. Hiring a well-qualified and skillful app developer might be a difficult job to do.

There are various ways through which you could generate revenue out of your application. One of them is through advertisements. In order to target the advertisements, your application needs to be based primarily on catering to the society’s needs such as student housing, food delivery, education etc.

Step in!

Now is the right and the perfect time to step into the mobile application market. You could either develop an app or if you are a developer you could help small and medium-sized organizations by developing the apps for them. The mobile application market provides a promising future ahead.


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