Political Social Media Marketing

Political parties across the globe are learning that along with advertising on traditional mediums such as television and newspapers, they must invest in digital marketing if they want to compete with their rival parties. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an uptake in UK and US parties, in particular, using social media campaigns to defeat their opponents. In this blog, we highlight how three high-profile political marketing campaigns leveraged digital to successfully promote their nominee.

Perhaps one of the most obvious examples of political digital marketing in recent history is Donald Trump’s digital campaign. Though it was certainly controversial, no one can deny the now U.S. President’s campaign was extremely effective. Many even claim it won him the election.

We help candidates, political parties, and local groups to enhance their online presence. We offer end to end digital marketing solutions to our clients globally.

For anybody who’s running for office, here are a few MUST DO digital marketing strategies and digital marketing channels.

Domain Name
The first thing we need to do as soon as you decide to run for any office is obtain a domain name for your campaign. Actually, it would not be a bad idea to purchase several domain names related to your name and the office you’ll be running for

The second thing we do is a logo to establish yourself as a branded politician. This brand will be on your campaign businesses cards, door hangers, yard signs, banners, website, social media, email marketing, videos and advertisements.

The third thing needed is a well-designed and user friendly website. We do not go cheap with the templated website that users will not be able to find it on search engines. WordPress is the most popular web design platform. It ranks well and is very easy to manage.

Social Media
It is one of the easiest way to build relationship with the voters. Any announcement you post should go on your blog then share it on your social media. Connect with voters and pay attention to what they’re interested in. Types of social media accounts we run campaigns on are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Google + and Google Hangouts.

Our strategic, professional social media management services can keep your political campaign focused, on-message, and engaged with your constituency. It’ll eventually become an important part of your future success stories.