Integrated Waste Management System

Wastes are an inevitable consequence of a growing city. No developing city could escape them. Smart waste management begins with smart waste collection. The innovative product of KS Unites streamlines the process of the waste-collection and enhance its performance with accuracy and timely collection. It optimizes waste collection and disposal by using Smart-Bins, RFID’s and GIS based solutions.


•   Ultrasonic device that measures a bin’s fill level in real time.
•   Long battery life up to 5 years.
•   Enabled with GPS and GPRS
•   Compact and easy to mount on any bin type.

We have provided:

•   Integrated Waste Management System with RFID tags, Vehicle computing unit and GPS/ GPRS based tracker, helps to collect the bin and send real time report to the server for analysis.
•   Provided bins to every household.
•   Revenue Collection.


•   Helps in Revenue collection
•   Easy way to keep city clean