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Trending globally, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and corporate houses. Irrespective of their industry and job field, you’ll find all kinds of professionals or job hunters here. Whether it is a college student looking to explore the career options, a sales executive at a leading sales company or the owner of a small or medium scale enterprise. It is a robust platform for all those who are passionate and dedicated to their professional lives and are on the constant look out to explore and grab fruitful and productive opportunities.

It is a virtual platform, where instead of going and meeting the other professionals personally, you connect with them online. You can chat through private messages and have professional discussions. One of the wonderful features of LinkedIn is that the other person already knows about your profession, as you would provide an insight of it in your bio.

Generating business leads online could be a complex task. You would have to frame perfect strategies in order to generate leads online. If you are a business owner, then LinkedIn could prove to be a helping hand and a productive asset for generating business leads.

People might be obsessed with Facebook, email or Google Adwords, but LinkedIn is probably one of the most comprehensive and robust platforms, when it comes to generating business leads. LinkedIn has more than 400 million registered members across the world. Furthermore, through extensive case studies and researches it was analyzed that LinkedIn drives the most customers to B2B companies.

Let us discuss how you could yield productive and fruitful results from this leading professional networking social platform.

Optimization of your profile– Optimization of the profile is probably the most essential part, when it comes to generating leads through LinkedIn. People whom you already know will connect to you, irrespective of the fact how your profile looks like. However, people who don’t know you, will try to judge you based on your profile. Having an incomplete profile with irrelevant or no bio and display picture as selfie would indeed assert that you are just another casual person on LinkedIn just for namesake. Having a professional superior quality picture, along with accurate and relevant bio about you would establish credibility and attract more and more people to get connected to you.

Creating new groups– Creating your own LinkedIn group is one of the most efficient ways of enlarging your network and building your authority. Once you create a group, you have the authority to share the content as per your business objective and interest. It also facilitates the exchange of thoughts and ideas, which could be productive for your business. You could target specific connections for generating leads.

Identifying potential customers– Once you are done with creating your group, it is time to increase and expand your network by connecting to other people. With more and more people stepping into your network, your group would serve as the source of information for them. You could target your counterparts, i.e. people from the same industry as yours or from the same designation. Interested people will indubitably show interest in your business, hence increasing the chances of getting good returns.

Reaching out to the members on your list– This is one of the most time-consuming processes. Adding members to your list wouldn’t prove to be fruitful until and unless you reach out to them and have a conversation with them. One of the essential things, which should be ensured before reaching out to the members is that your profile is well-optimized according to the industry you are reaching out to.

Patience is the key here, as you won’t witness overnight results. Start sending text messages to your members, inform and educate them about your business. You wouldn’t want to irate them by sending messages about your business again and again. If done perfectly, one message would be sufficient.

Engagement with the members– After informing them about your business, you have to wait for their response. Once they show interest, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Have a detailed discussion about your business with them and answer their queries. This is a crucial part as it is the final stage of the whole lead generating process.

One of the best ways to make them feel valued is by answering their queries real time, with patience. A customer may suddenly throw a bundle of queries on you. You have to answer them with complete peaceful mind in a professional manner.  A regular follow up is a mandatory thing to keep them updated, but excess follow up might irate them. Make sure that there should be a perfect balance between the intervals.

Get the best out of it

Out of all the potential business lead generating sources, LinkedIn is one of the best sources. You get a chance to engage directly with the customer and comprehend the requirements and the need of the customers. Creating and expanding your professional network was never so easy, you can get connected to your customers with ease and increase your business returns.

With the increasing number of entrepreneurs in African economies and the rapid expansion of the internet, LinkedIn becomes a valuable resource to target specific audience and get the explosive pecuniary returns.


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