EFDMS- Electronic Fiscal Device Management System

EFDMS- Electronic Fiscal Device Management System

To receive, achieve, consolidate and evaluate information coming through a large fiscal device which is instigated in the field via GPRS connection, a EFDMS device is designed. The purpose of this device is to collect and feed the coming data into iTax. EDFMS robust control secure all possible management concerns regarding tax collection. EFDs have an internal GPRS modem that allows the connectivity according to commands received from AT System over GSM Network using SIM cards issued by approved GSM network provider. This helps Revenue department keep track of VAT and other taxes.

We have provided:

•   KS Info system will develop a unique solution, which will help AFC to work with 100% accuracy.
•   Provide connectivity to all the branches.
•   Reduction of formalities related costs.
•   Improvement of the quality of service.
•   Elimination of paperwork.
•   Greater Control
•   Improvement in the collection of Revenue


•   No Tiresome management of documents
•   No field survey required
•   Security
•   Connection with service providers

Major Benefits:

•   Increase Tax Revenue
•   Less Disputes.
•   Less Work for Taxation Staff
•   Computerizing the Tax Auditing System
•   Fight against Tax Evasion
•   Enhance Tax Compliance
•   Development of a more Fair Tax System


•   This application can be used in different domain including Banking, Refugee Camps, Hospitals and more.