E-Sehyog is a multifocal public grievance management system designed by KS Infosystems. It serves as a bridge between the government agencies or MLAs and the general public. It has been designed by the SeeLive Technologies Private Ltd. It creates a robust system where MLAs not only address public queries but can also inform them about various development activities undertaken by them.

How E – Sahyog App works?

  1. A WhatsApp number is shared by the government or MLAs with their constituency residents to address their queries or complaints.
  2. When the concern is shared by a citizen related to his query or complaint, an instant acknowledgement to the citizen in the form of a notification.
  3. As the message is received by the official he can start work on it or route it to the concerned department.
  4. As the work is done on the query regular updates will be sent to the person making the query which will keep him pacified and he knows that his work is being done.
  5. Multiple people from different departments can handle the query as the multiple users can access the app on a mobile phone or a computer.
  6. Once the work on the query is completed notification is sent to the person making the request.

Features of E – Sahyog App

  • Public will not have to remember different numbers for different queries and can send all their queries to one number on WhatsApp.
  • Sahyog App is very user friendly and multiple users can access the platform through their mobile phone or computer or laptop sitting in a back office.
  • Information security is also given priority and only the authorized users can access the platform.
  • This app is very flexible and can perform various different tasks like issuing voter slips, free ration, handling development work, election campaigning, etc.
  • It has options of sending instant notification to the complainant and to the concerned authority.
  • Invites can also be sent for public meetings or rallies.

Advantages of E – Sahyog App

  • It drastically reduces the turnaround time for solving public queries.
  • It helps the government or the MLAs to connect with people.
  • The live notifications sent to the complainant reduce the public anxiety and helps in maintaining law and order.
  • As one single app can handle multiple tasks it can help in saving time, money and efforts and all these three are very precious.
  • It gives the MLAs or Government agencies a perfect medium to track what is happening in their constituency with a tap on their mobile.
  • It will help the MLAs in serving the people in a way better and get noticed too.
  • It is not only a medium of service but of publicity as well.