Water Management is essential for every economy today. Major reason of shortage of drinking water is water pollution. Water Pollution causes a large number of diseases and untreated sewage is the biggest contributor towards water pollution. Drainage Solution is must for solving this crisis. KS Infosystems has taken the onus to develop a smart solution to solve this problem.

Major issues faced by us because of this crisis:

  • An estimated 160 million latrines and septic tanks contribute to 80% of the pollution of national water resources.
  • This unmanaged waste water causes a host of diseases like diarrhea which kills around 350,000 children annually.
  • Due to unmanaged sewage problem, a study has found that 80% sewage cleaners in India die before the age of 60.
  • 78% of the sewage generated in India remains untreated due to lack of management and technology advancement.

How Drainage solutions help solve the problem?

  • A sensor called Drain sensor is fitted on every manhole in a municipality.
  • It is installed in Manhole caps.
  • It informs the Municipal Authorities about the blocked drain and its location.
  • It improves the drain efficiency and prevents back flooding.
  • It saves the time and money of the authorities and helps them improve efficiency.
  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to predict next phase of de-silting process and prevents flooding of streets and roads.

Advantages of Drainage Solutions

  • It will enhance the water management system and ensure supply of clean and safe water.
  • It will make the waste management system smart and effective.
  • It will make the work of sewage cleaners easier and will reduce human intervention.
  • The smart use of artificial intelligence will bring down the costs.
  • It will improve the sanitation condition of the cities which is must for healthy living.