ClickToRide, an online bus-ticket booking platform, is the answer to all your commuting problems- be it long journeys or short trails. Book a bus ticket and enjoy your ride without cramming for space, at a cost that your pocket can happily bear.

Designed specifically for long-route journeys via bus, the automated management system of the solution includes-

•   Fleet Management: Number of buses, type (A/C or Non-A/C), seating capacity (2 by 2 or 4 by 4)
•   Ticketing: Pick the seat you want (seat selection) while booking a ticket. Ticketing can be done through 3 methods:

1.Online directly through the web-portal
2.Through agents using the agent web-portal
3.On-the-spot though conductor using POS terminals

•   Employees: Registration of driver (Driving license) and registration of vehicle (RC No.)
•   Route: The route (source and destination, the stoppage points) and duration (time of arrival and scheduled departure, daily/ alternate days / once in a week) are pre-fixed.
•   Real-time information about the boarding/de-boarding of passengers, over-booking and current status of bus seating is available.
•   The PoS Terminals broadcast the location of the bus every five minutes.
•   SMS alerts to the passengers about confirmation and waiting or cancellation of the booking are sent in real-time.
•   The data collected through ClickToRide can be used to analyse the profitability of a certain route, such as to determine whether to reduce/increase buses on a specific route