1) Vehicle Tracking

K.S. Infosystems introduced the device known as GPS Tracker which helps the owner to locate his/her vehicle.

How it Works:
  • GPS Tracker is installed in the vehicles & route to be followed is fed in that device
  • It senses every event of vehicle and immediately communicates various vehicle sensors to the registered users
  • The unit and its components installed in the vehicle are hidden and undetectable
  • The information about the vehicle provided by the tracker can be viewed on electronic maps via internet or specialized software

2) Bio Metric & Smart Card Based Payroll Systems

Taking a step towards establishing an efficient management by providing the combination of Biometric & Smart Card enrollment through the payroll application to avoid the proximity attendance

K.S. Infosystems introduced security system named KS Clock which concentrates on full proof security with advanced fingerprint minutiae matching in Ghana 2012. It also keeps the record of employees with all full details.

How it works:

  • Registration of the Employee through Biometric And/or Smart Card
  • The data immediately goes to the Payroll Software System
  • The Payroll Software System ensures that there is no duplicity of any of the Employees Records
  • This data is directly connected with the automatic time register which cannot be manipulated by the employees
3) Mobile Repair Training

K.S. Infosystems launched a state-of-the-art technology centre housing the latest mobile phone repairing equipment in The Gambia.

Our unique technology includes application of ICT in mobile phone maintenance, servicing, repairs, assembling and entrepreneurial skills.

What we do?
  • Setup the mobile Training and Repair Center (s)-TRCs
  • Provide the Technical know-how
  • Bring in the trainers as part of ‘Train the Trainer’ concept
  • Provide certification
  • Provide maintenance and support for the centers


How it Works:

There are mainly two sections Visitors and Vehicles. And Vehicles system is also of two types. One for Passavant and second is Escort. Mention below.
Visitors: Passengers coming into Senegal from other countries and carry some goods which

Passavant: Vehicles coming into Senegal from other countries and having no goods and want to visit/cross Senegal. And go back to their countries.

  • Escort: Vehicles coming into Senegal from other countries and having some goods and want to cross Senegal.
  • Depot: All Departments can depot any goods or vehicle if required.
  • Penalties: All Departments can charge Penalties on goods or vehicle if required.

one is taxable.